List of some Popular Birthday Songs

  1. Birthday - Beatles - on our site
  2. Happy Birthday - Altered Images
  3. The Happy Happy Birthday Song - Arrogant Worms - on our site
  4. Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder - on our site
  5. Happy Birthday Jesus - Alabama
  6. Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) - MOBY
  7. Birthday - Sugarcubes
  8. Happy Birthday - Birthday Party
  9. Happy Birthday Lisa - Michael Jackson
  10. Today Is Blackie's Birthday - URGE OVERKILL
  11. Birthday- Newsboys
  12. Happy Ki-Yi Birthday Veggie Tales
  13. Happy Birthday Andreone Leah>
  14. The Birthday Cake Camel
  15. It's Not My Birthday - They Might Be Giants
  16. Birthday Destiny's Child - on our site
  17. New Happy Birthday Song? Nofx
  18. Birthday Song Don McLean
  19. Happy Birthday Ricky Martin
  20. Happy Birthday New Kids On The Block
  21. Happy, Happy Birthday Patsy Cline
  22. Happy Birthday To You DJ Bobo
  23. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen Neil Sedaka
  24. Happy Birthday To You Geburtstagslied
  25. Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovic
  26. Happy Birthday Song Lea Salonga
  27. It's Your Birthday American Music Club
  28. Birthday Timbaland
  29. Happy Birthday Carly Simon
  30. Birthday Gal Replacements
  31. Tears at The Birthday Party Elvis Costello
  32. Birthday Boy Pet Shop Boys
  33. Happy Birthday Concrete Blonde
  34. Birthday Fall
  35. The Magician's Birthday Uriah Heep
  36. Unhappy Birthday Smiths
  37. Birthday Meredith Brooks
  38. Birthday Boy Chicago
  39. Birthday Bjork
  40. Happy Birthday Steve Winwood
  41. Happy Birthday Pizzicato Five
  42. Birthday BLUR
  43. Happy Birthday Blues B. B. King
  44. Birthday Boy Ween
  45. Happy Birthday Leah Andreone
  46. Happy Birthday Truck Stop
  47. Bella's Birthday Cake FIVE FOR FIGHTING
  48. Happy Birthday Jesus Reba Mcentire
  49. Happy Birthday Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  50. Happy Birthday, John Janis Joplin
  51. Next Sunday Darlin' is My Birthday Hank Williams
  52. Birthday Song Ben Lee
  53. Birthday Song Kim Wilde
  54. I Want a Boy for My Birthday Smiths
  55. Birthday Timbaland And Magoo
  56. The Happy Happy Birthday Arrogant Worms
  57. Birthday Card Joseph Arthur
  58. It's Johnny's Birthday George Harrison
  59. My Birthday Moon Festival Steve Kilbey
  60. Burning Flag Birthday Suit Guided by Voices
  61. Curly Top's Birthday Temple Shirley
  62. The Birthday Electric Light Orchestra
  63. Birthday (Tommy D Mix) Sugarcubes
  64. Chris The Birthday Boy Solex
  65. Tears at The Birthday Party Burt Bacharach
  66. Birthday Carol Todd Rundgren
  67. Celebration of The Birthday of The Elephant God Steve Kilbey
  68. It's Your Birthday R Kelly
  69. Gilles Vigneault - Gens du Pays (Québec) not really a birthday song although everybody in Québec turns it into a Birthday song (by replacing "gens du pays" by the name of the person...).
  70. Candles on the Cake -Quincy Jones
  71. Happy birthday everybody- Ray Barretto
  72. Today is Your Birthday - Solomon Burke
  73. The Birthday Party - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5
  74. Enjoy Yourself - The Specials
  75. Forever Young- Bob Dylan

So what is on your playlist for the birthday party. Hopefully, you included our original song. I like the Beatles - maybe that is why I have them at number 1.

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