What people say about our song

A lot of people write to us instead of their friends to say thanks. Here are some of the comments - Maybe we received your thank you note! If you are too lazy to write your own, just copy one of these birthday card comments!

This has to be the funniest Birthday greeting ever !! Love it , thanks for making my day.

WELL HOW COOL IS THAT??? Thank you so much. It made me giggle!!! Love ya...

Wow!! That was awesome!!! Liked it very much!!! Especially the dog part!!

She loves her song. Lost count of how many times she listened to it.

THIS. IS. THE. MOST. AMAZING. THING. THAT. I. HAVE. EVER. SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG :)

What a great song! My dog says woof woof to you! I wasn't expecting that part, but I sang along :)

I love you !! and i depend on these every year :)

SUPER corny but I loved it!

That managed to be simultaneously awesome and frightening at the same time!

Oh my gosh, how cute was that! Thanks so much for thinking of me sweet! I have laughed so much I'm crying!!!

That is the funniest thing I've ever heard! LOL

It's awesome!! My students started dancing:)

Girl, you are too much. Thank you so much! This was really, really, really special. ;) Thanks again.

That was the best Birthday Song I have ever heard.

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! That is 1 minute and 8 seconds NOT wasted !!!!! HA!


Ha ha ha! that's the best birthday song ever!

OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

I was grinning til I got to the dog barking, then I was laughing.

You are so weird!

That's awesome!  My son wants me to play it over and over.  Thank you. :)

Yeah, woo, rockin' OUT!

OMG that is sooo awesome, where did u find that website? Thank you !!!!

That was hilarious!  Thank you.

Ha ha that was really weird.  thanks!

Thank you very much for my  birthday e card it  was a very funny song and made us laugh!

This is a perfect site and I LOVE it!   Thanks for a wonderful gift and making me smile and laugh out loud. I will keep this one....

What a great way to start my day!


I really appreciate that you made my day thank you.

Wasn’t that Birthday song a hoot!!. Loved it.


Thank you so much, that was so coooooooooooooooooooooooool. It's great to think I am in your thoughts and for you to go to the trouble of doing that.


OMGosh!!!! That was awesome!!!! laughing so hard at that one…. I think I will have to Keep it for a while.

Thanks so much for my awesome song! I love it :) totally made my day! So sweet!

I think this is the BEST birthday song I ever got! Thanks


that made me laugh out loud!!!!! and i had it playing loud in my office too!!!

THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know where u got that but it was sooooo cool:-) thanks for remembering me today. It really Meant alot to me.

Thanks! That is so wild! English, Spanish and Doglish--what more could one ask for? The music is definitely "shake your bootie" music!

I love it! I'm saving this!

Mom i cried with the song thank you so oooo much for being a real and one of the best moms in the word i love you with all my heart:)

That might be the funniest birthday song I’ve heard haha. Good beat though.

Love the song was so funny, I was dancing too it, loved it!!!

Oh my god that was awesome! Best birthday gift EVER!

This is the most awesome thing ever!

This is so lovely... The song is amazing.

Now that was a really catchy toon. I dont think Iv'e ever been sung that version before. I especially enjoyed the doggie howl.

GOT IT!!! That was sooo cooooooolllll! You sure know this technology stuff, huh?? haha Thanks~ and love u

Thanks soooooooo much!!!!! Xo

That was an absolute HIT with me!! I had so much fun listening and following the lyrics to it! LOL

Wow!!! That was great! It almost sounded like you singing it....

Thanks, love the song love u more

That was really fun!!!


Thanks…but that was absolutely TERRIBLE!

You are insane and I LOVE YOU!

i <3 it!!

Oh my god that was awesome! Best birthday gift EVER!

What a great song for a great birthday!

Thank you for the song – it is so beautiful and personal..

THANK uuuuuuuuuuuuuu OMG......I LOVE IT...IT'S A HIT!!! Love you more I will save this to my favorites.. and it will be my theme song for this month  LOLOLOL

Hehe thank you baby, kisses. mwaaaahhhhh!!

Well, safe to say I never have received a birthday greeting like this one! Thank you so much. Not only did we play it, my daughter made me replay it so she could let her friendhear it over the phone.

Thank You, that was funny and unexpected.

I Like it so much so I have it as a ringtone.

It's catchy. Pretty sure he will imitate the dog.

Hahaha. I love the song. That was cool.

Lol...that was somewhat terrifying but cool.

OMG that is so cool!!!! thanks for the birthday wishes love the song... cool thanks guys love you too. you made my day awesome

Well what a Birthday song. Thank you for that. Let the games begin!! Thank you for remembering me on my birthday with that special song

LOL, my dog says "rrrrrrr rrrrrr" happy b day to you!!!! When do you have time to find all these things?!?!?! sheesh!! You're full of new stuff!!

Cool! I was rockin! Thank you for my feliz whatever!

This was cool! Thanks Really nice. Love,

What a great song for a great birthday!

Helped to make my day special!!’s fantastic...never knew that my name sounded so good.

WOW, that was SO nice! I can honestly say that I have NEVER been sang Happy Birthday to in that manner.

Wow! You have a really good voice!! i think you could be america's next idol... keep it in mind, xoxo

By the way, I TOTALLY was digging that birhtday tune!

Thank you so very much for the beautiful personalized song. This is really a first and I will always remember this. Thank you, thank you.

That made me feel like a celebrity.  The music , hearing my name and what a nice beat. You're the best :-)

That was funny!  Sounded just like you!

That was defeinately cute !! Where do you find these things ? Then again you are the KING of the internet !

Loved the personalized birthday song!! Thank you!

You find the cutest things! Gracias!

Wow that was cool thanx

THANKS  i love it ssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo Much

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! i loved the song!! hahaha that was cute!

Lol thank you that was awesome

Too cute! Thank you!

Where do you find this stuff? Thanks for the card and the song.

Thank You!!! that was sweet of you I really enjoyed it.

the song is too funny also because I've always had a dog so the dog in there fits coming from me sooooo well.

Hahaha!!!!! I think that's my new favorite song.

Lol thank you.  That's cute.<.p>

omg..... thanks so much tht made my day!!!!

Thank you very much, I like the dog saying ruff ruff rappy rirthday hee hee!!!! I love you!!!!!!

Thanks a lot, my dear friend, I love you so much.

ben voyons cé ben l'fun ça elle dit mon nom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks that was beautiful.

Thank you! Great song!

That made me laugh!!

My friend loved his song so much he told me he played it over and over. What a great idea!!!

Thanks. That was weird though. Did you pick that out?

haha that was funny :D

Thanks for the song. I enjoyed it. Thanks for making my birthday special.

thank you so much for the cute birthday card! the Spanish part was really cool... not to mention the woof woof dog part! thank you again for thinking of me on my special day! you made my day even more special! thanks again for your thoughtfulness!

Thank You for the sentiment... I'd like to say thanks also, it sent me into a fit of laughter. Just taking the time shows that you care

Where did you find that..ur really an expert at this..thank you baby.

How Darlin'!!!!!! love it

That was hilaire! best song ever.

OMG!! That's HILARIOUS! I especially appreciate the bday greetings from your Dog!

How very cute!! Loved it and you!!

Thanks for the song. I loved it.

You really put a big birthday smile on my face! Thanks so much What a special birthday! I loved the song and my kids played it over and over again! You are always the best with songs!

Thank you so much it is awesome!

Thank you! Love it...Funny....!!!

Thank you.......that was so funny........

Ok thats just too much HA AHA HA HA I love you back.

Hahahahahahaha thank you so much :)

Thank you, you old bat :)

thats crazy  :-)

Can't stop dancin'!

Love your songs , i send one to everyone who needs a birthday song! all my friends think it is awesome!

Love the song!!  I use it all the time!

LMAO. That's so sweet! TNX!

Thank you for sending me this personalized Birthday song just for me.

First, thank you for the B-day song! Second, have a great voice!!!!!! Who Knew????

I loved my birthday card! You always do the most unique cards........amazing! :-)

Awesome! I was dancing along with it.

That was GREAT! Thanks so much for remembering.

Now my day is complete.....................Thank-you.


LOL.  Too funny.

Your timing is so good - I was just losing it over the **** when my B-day song arrived. I'm just fine now. Thank you.


Thankyou!!! Thats one snazzy card

The song was a big big hit! Very cute!

You are so thoughtful!; THANKS

That was very cute ... made me smile:)

WOW!! I wasn't sure I could hear song -----BUT I GOT IT ---NEEDED THAT RIGHT THEN.

Thanks for my cute card. You always come up with the cutest things.

Thank you, I always love this rendition! Y'all are kind to remember.

This was to funny and cute!!!!! Thank you baby!!!!!!

I just played him his singing B-day card.; Cute! He got a good laugh.

We listened to it very LOUD!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.


That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!

OMG that was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best ;-)

Thank you, that was so sweet. U made my day!!

You are too funny! Loved it - especially the part about the dog! Thanks!

Thank you! Cute song - I especially like the dogs!

Thanks for the snappy birthday song. That was awesome.

thnksss so cool

Thank you. It feels good to be loved by so many people.

It really is a hoot and everyone I sent it to loved receiving the link with their name.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I love this site!

Thanks for my birthday gift ... It's a big gift for me on my birthday.

LOVE IT!!! It keeps playing on and on!!

Thanks so much for the birthday song. We really loved it especially Boobie. We played it over and over and even dance by the song.

Nice. I didn't know you could sing so well. :) Thanks!


Thank you soooooo much! That was the best birthday song yet.

Awww that was pretty flipping awesome baby, I love you and I think I am going to keep that one. I am not even a music fan, but that was pretty cute, not going to lie.

Hahaha! This is crazy!

How sweet! Thanks! Never got sung to on the computer!


Woof Woof back at ya and thanks. Now we are both really old. Love the Birthday song and words. Made my Day!.

Wow!! this is soooo cool. Only you can find this stuff on the internet. Thanks!!! You put a smile on my face again.

This was awesome. I loved hearing my name, it was personal and I appreciate it,

just awesome... cant say how special i felt...

What a great Happy Birthday song.......besides greetings from yourself also even from your dog.

LOL, funny. Thanks for letting me know and making me laugh today!

OMG!! That was adorable! How did you find such a perfect song? It even included a dog!! LOL!! Loved it, thank you for brightening my morning.

I loved my song!!!! Thank you sooo Much! Especially the dog part

Really original like you.

How PRECIOUS!!!! I love it! I am saving it to share with my class tomorrow! Thank you for making my Birthday EXTRA SPECIAL!

Wow! Thanks?!? That was perhaps the weirdest birthday song ever! But thanks for thinking of me


We just danced to the song…thanks!!

My dog says woof woof to you

Thank You from my HEART

Hahaha best bday song yet!

Lm*aooo thank you! Even your dog wishes me a happy birthday its legit!!!!!!!!!!

Wow,…how'd do that??? Thanks for the wonderful personalized HBD song!!!

That was cute.....especially the dog part--ha! Thanks....

Thanks for the birthday made me laugh!!

I loved my singing birthday card!

Thanks for that beautiful song! I have listened to it a couple times now. How do you find these things??!! It cracked me up- thanks bunches dear friend- love ya!

Thanks. neat as heck

This is toooo funny. love it, though.

What fun, I haven't ever received my own birthday song before, it is great!

Lol thanks!! This is starting to be a tradition.

i wish i had gotten a picture when he heard his name, it was priceless!

Gee oh wow that was... interesting hehe

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