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Currently operating on a 6 month delay!!! We add names as we can. We have recorded over 17,000 new names since 2012 and 77,777 overall. Each song is completely sung and individually recorded. Since we hire a professional singer in a studio in Hollywood, it is time consuming and expensive - particularly since we don't charge. The singer has a list of 150 names at all times that will take her at least a month. We also always have about 500 more names on a list. So please note that WE CAN RARELY RECORD A NEW NAME IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS.

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We really enjoy hearing from you. That is what makes all of this worthwhile. Write and tell us what you like about the site. Tell what you don't like. Send us photos or videos or links. Tell us how the birthday person celebrated. Was this the first year that they played the song? Will they play it again next year. Did you put it on a CD, email it or play it from a computer?

We want everyone to enjoy their birthday - with our song. Here is how to reach us.

New Name: Request a new name here

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