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I am not Indian (not that it matters) - based in North Carolina. Many more names on web site than on YouTube. YouTube videos have NO ads - not monetized. Yes, the singer does dream about the song in her sleep. Yes, she is paid per song and sings 50-100 per week. No, Adsense does not cover costs. Some countries are harder for names: French, Germany & Brazil for pronunciation, Korea & China for unique names (mostly unique & 2 billion people). Names that are pronounced the same but spelled differently are NOT recorded twice. The songs are individually recorded. The videos (after making the template) were mass produced using an expensive XMPIE (1 year lease finished) and AfterEffects. It took lots of my spare time for an entire year to generate and then upload to YouTube. Last batch got the name mismatched with the song & I had to delete 12000 videos, 30 at a time. 5000 of the names were requested & the people requesting them told me how THEY pronounce the name. More popular in Spanish-speaking countries for first 4 years, so many of the first options are the Spanish option. Check further down on web list for other pronunciations - I can't use the same file name. Hence, more names than videos. All songs are free. I have NEVER earned or charged for any song (AdSense & a few unrequired donations - yes). Each song is recorded completely because the tune for the name varies in each of the 10 locations and can't/shouldn't be automated. No I had no idea what I was getting into when I started or I might have done it differently - or not started! Over 1,000 names on the To Record list now.

Was each song individually recorded?
Yes, we have now recorded 80 % of the 77,777 Happy Birthday songs one at a time. The other thousands are names that can be spelled different ways like Patty, Paty and Patti. The singer sang each one individually to match up with the music. See her record a song We considered automating the song, but we love the happy birthday song and since each song contains the name 10 times, it was better and easier to sing it again each time. But it is stuck in our heads: Happy Birthday ..... We keep adding more names for Happy Birthday! 1 million soon?

Happy Birthday DogWhy the dog?
Our dog is part of our life and no celebration would be complete without her. Since she is a dog, the only thing she could really sing was woof woof. Her name is Cinnamon. She was born on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

How did you choose the names?
We chose the names of everybody that had a normal name that we knew that we might possibly send a song to and then we added the top 100 male and female names from the U.S. Census and SSA (see list of 500 most popular names for babies in 2014) and a mixture of similar lists that we obtained for Spain, Mexico and Argentina. Then we get requests and see Facebook fans and we look at other lists. Then we added some generic ones like Amigo and Daddy to cover those that we might miss. Then we made a list of names that we missed that seemed normal and popular. We did these in batches of 50. Our attention is now on requests and less common names from around the world. Like the song says, Happy Birthday .....

Can you add my name?
We have started a new list and you can ask to add a name to the list, but we can't promise to add it. Each name is fairly expensive and this a free service. We add about 4,000 names per year. Take a look at the more generic names and see if one of these works for you. If we can record it, it usually requires a month or more lead time.

What's the catch?
We want our 15 minutes of fame and the longer lasting pleasure of having made people's lives more fun. Life has been good and this is a small payback.

How do you make money?
We don't!. We spend money so please be nice when you write to us. We collect a few cents for each Google ad clicked and that has not come close to covering the costs. So this is not really about making money. That said, we are seeking a global sponsor for the English and Spanish sites that would have a tasteful tag at the end of the song.

What age group likes the song?
Surprisingly, it has been popular with all age groups where the people have names and enjoy feeling special. The driving force has been the 15-30 crowd. The funny thing is that it is clean and fun and enjoyed by 4 year olds and Grandmama 83!). Update, Grandmama is now 85. Happy Birthday Grandma! Like the song says, Happy Birthday .....

Can I get the song on a CD?
We don't sell a birthday song CD. However, if you know how, you can make your own CD by downloading the song as a mp3. You can then save it as a mp3 file on a CD if you plan to play it on a computer. If you want to play it in your car or on a CD player, you need to burn it as an audio disk. Ask a friend to help.

Can I put the songs on my web site?
All songs are copyrighted and intended for your personal use. However, you may place a single happy birthday song or link to a happy birthday site on your web site. If you need something more, please write to us.

How do you judge success?
We are obsessed with getting everyone to celebrate at their birthday party with the Birthday Song and we check the metrics every morning to see how many people listened to it the previous day. It is increasing every month. Currently, the Spanish site and English sites together have over 4,000,000 people listening every month: with particular success in Colombia, United States, India. Australia, the UK, and Spain. However, I view success as some day hearing the song totally randomly at a party, a restaurant, on the radio or TV, or mentioned casually in the newspaper or a conversation. Like the song says, Happy Birthday .....

How do you let others know about the Happy Birthday Song?
Like the song says, Happy Birthday ..... We sing, we make CD's for our friends and we depend on you to enjoy the song and pass it along. Oh and of course Google and Bing and Reddit help.

If I put in someone's e-mail and birthday date, what happens?
An e-mail message from you is sent to them at around 1AM EST on the day you put (or immediately if it is the same day and after 1AM) and it includes a direct link to the song you request. They can listen to it, download, or ignore it. I usually put the date one day before their birthday to make sure they read the e-mail in time. We do not have an expiration date, so the song may be sent every year forever (or maybe the terms will change?) Like the song says, Happy Birthday .....

Why English and Spanish?
Check back for the answer. I am off to bed La verdad es que... bueno, why tell the truth?

Who is the Stupid song for?
You will know when the time is right for you. When you sing it (under your breath, with friends or co-workers,) you will feel great and Stupid will never hear the song. Or maybe it's your best friend and it will be great. Hey, it's your life, go ahead and live it. Don't be Stupid! Like the song says, Happy Birthday .... Actually, please write us and tell us funny stories about Stupid. Update - this song is used about 15 times per day.

New Names to be produced
New Happy Birthday songs are added about once per month. Hope you click a few links to help pay for these. Happy Birthday!

How can I unsubscribe?
There is an UNSUBSCRIBE link on the bottom of every page and included in every email we send. You can use the link to cancel a greeting that you send or one that you receive - but only for your email address.

We record over 4,000 more names every year and the list keeps getting longer.

All donations are used
to record more songs
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